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Connected Robotics – Robotic kitchen Japan

Connected Robotics - Robotic kitchen Japan

Introduction – Connected Robotics – Robotic kitchen Japan

A Japanese start-up company ‘Connected Robotics’ is developing the world’s first, fully-automated robotic kitchen system. Utilizing versatile robot arms and complex A.I. algorithms, this kitchen can cook soba noodles and fry up delicious kakiage all by itself. On top of those, it receives payments and takes care of the dishes for you when you’re done eating!

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You can find out more about Connected Robotics on the Official Website:

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Connected Robotics Inc. is a startup which develops specialized robot systems for cooking in restaurant kitchens under vision:”innovating the kitchen by robots”.
As currently labor shortages become increasingly serious, labor-saving and automation of cooking have become hot topics.

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CR provides solutions by combining robot control know-how accumulated from robot product development experience in manufacturing along with sensing and learning technology using deep learning to make robots in the kitchen intelligent. CR aims to develop robot systems that bear the brunt of the work in the kitchen, leaving staff to concentrate on the more humanistic side of work, thus providing a delightful environment for both those serving as well as the dinning customers.

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