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Robotics For Teens – Starter Guide

Robotics For Teens - Starter Guide

Robotics For Teens – Starter Guide

Allowing a teenager to explore robotics can be an enriching experience for all involved. Robotics offers a unique way to challenge and engage teens while teaching them essential life skills.

As the industry grows and offers more opportunities, it’s a good idea for teens to learn about robotics to be better prepared for the future. In this blog post, we’ll explain why teens should know about robotics and what they can learn from building robots.

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What Is Robotics?

Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots and computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing.

If that sounds like a mouthful, it’s because robotics is a vast and ever-growing field that incorporates many different disciplines. Robots are used extensively in manufacturing, assembly, and packaging but also found their way into other areas such as hospitals, schools, offices, and homes.

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At its core, robotics is about using technology to create machines that can do things that would otherwise be impossible or impractical for humans to do. This could be anything from building a robot that can explore another planet to creating a machine that can help an older person with their daily tasks.

Why Should Teens Learn About Robotics?

There are many reasons why teens should learn about robotics. Robotics is a growing and expanding field, it is going to be a huge job market in a few years. Most opportunities now or very soon in the future will be robotics based. Today Robotics is almost used in every manufacturing plant and is also helping surgeons perform transatlantic surgeries. No matter what profession you chose, robotics will play a huge role.  

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Robotics offers a unique way to challenge and engage teens

The teenage brain is always looking for new ways to be challenged and engaged. Robotics offers a unique way of doing this that can hold a teen’s attention for long periods.

Robotics also requires teens to use both their left and right brain simultaneously. They need to be creative to design and build the robot, but they also need to be logical and methodical to program it. That can help to develop critical problem-solving skills.

Robotics can teach teens the importance of teamwork

Early on in their robotics journey, teens will quickly realize that they can’t do everything independently. They will need to rely on others for help and advice.

Fully automated warehouse

Robotics is an excellent opportunity for teens to learn the importance of teamwork. They will need to learn how to communicate effectively with their team members to get the best results.

At robotics camp, we often see teens forming bonds with their teammates that last long after the experience is over.

Robotics can help develop important life skills

There are many life skills that teens can learn from robotics. These include critical thinking, problem-solving, time management, and perseverance. Learning these skills at a young age will give teens a head start in life and set them up for success in whatever they choose to do.

Even if a teen doesn’t go on to have a career in robotics, the skills they learn will be transferable to other areas of their life as the world moves toward artificial intelligence and automation; it’s more important than ever for teens to learn these skills.

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Robotics can teach teens about failure

In robotics, as in life, things don’t always go according to plan. There will be times when a robot doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to or doesn’t perform as well as expected.

It can be frustrating, but it’s also a significant learning opportunity. Teens will learn that failure is a part of the process and that it’s okay to make mistakes. They will also learn how to troubleshoot and problem-solve to fix their errors and improve their robot’s performance.

Robotics can be a lot of fun!

Last but not least, robotics is just plain old fun! There’s nothing quite like watching a robot you built to come to life and perform the tasks you programmed it to do. It’s an excellent way for teens to get involved in something they’re passionate about and see their labor’s fruits.

There are now battle bot competitions, drone racing leagues, and even robot football leagues! So whether your teen is a competitive type or just wants to have some fun, there’s a robotics activity out there for them.

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What Can Teens Learn From Robot Building?

As mentioned previously, there are countless applications to robotics, but most teenage learners will naturally be interested in building a robot’s practical, entertaining, or aesthetic aspects. However, if teenagers are encouraged to explore other parts of robotics, they may be pleasantly surprised by the skills they develop.

They’ll learn how to design and build a robot, but they’ll also need to learn how to program it. In the process, they’ll develop coding skills that will come in handy in other areas of their life. Teens will also learn about electronics and how to wire up circuits, a valuable skill that they can use later in life.

Blind robot that can run

Who Should Get Robotic Kits for Teens?

Parents, teachers, and mentors play an important role in getting teens interested in robotics. But ultimately, it’s up to the individual to decide to get involved. If you have a teen showing an interest in robotics, the best thing you can do is encourage them and provide them with the resources they need to get started.

A robotics starter kit can include anything needed to get started, including a robot chassis, motors, wheels, sensors, and a microcontroller. There are many different types of kits available, so it’s best to choose one that is appropriate for the teen’s skill level and interests.

What are some good robotic kits for teens? 

There are many good robotic kits for teens, we have selected a few which will help teens learn STEM skills and these kits can help them prepare for the future.

Lego Boost 

Leggo Boost
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02/18/2024 08:01 pm GMT

The Lego Boost set won over our toughest critics: teens, when we tested robotics kits for beginners. Professionals, makers, and hobbyists all agreed. Lego Boost was the most fun to build with due to its Lego-based design, built-in sensors, and abundant possibilities for creativity. We found that the tablet app’s super-simple programming was the easiest to learn among the kits we tested.

Source: YouTube

Lego Boost is the easiest and most approachable set as it uses Lego pieces. This is a well-designed kit that a panel of child testers enjoyed as much as we did. In addition to its simple programming interface, the visual instructions make it easy for beginners to learn and use, with more advanced programmers finding it limiting.

About Lego Boost

  • LEGO BOOST – Step-by-step instructions are provided to help teens assemble the robot toy. ABS plastic is used to make the Lego boost robot.
  • Using 635 pieces, teens can build stem projects and nurture their curiosity in the world of coding, & programming. 
  • The stem robot is equipped with USB charging systems and built-in rechargeable batteries. 
  • Build. Code. Play. This is the must-have robot for teens interested in engineering, robotics, and programming.
  • Perfect gift for teens and young adults.

Ubtech Jimu Robot AstroBot Series: Cosmos Kit.

Ubtech Jimu Robot AstroBot Series: Cosmos Kit.
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02/19/2024 06:12 am GMT

The companion smartphone and tablet app that leads you through building and programming is the most organized and simple to learn of any we tried. The clear instructions offer a straightforward introduction to the popular Blockly programming language. The block like Jimu building pieces aren’t as versatile as Legos, and they feel a little clunky, but they come together to build a capable robot.

Source: YouTube
  • Learn To Use Blockly Coding To Program Your Robot To Navigate Obstacles, Pick-Up Objects, Control Light And Sound Effects, Add Personality And More
  • Test Your Skills With New Blockly Coding Challenges
  • Create Entirely New, Custom Actions With The PRP (Pose, Record, Play) Function

ClicBot Coding Robot Kits, STEM Educational Toy

ClicBot Coding Robot Kits, STEM Educational Toy
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02/18/2024 08:16 pm GMT

An intelligent companion and coding robot, ClicBot is both educational and tons of fun. This little robot helps you discover the joy of coding, while also encouraging creative exploration, logical thinking and problem solving capabilities.

Source: YouTube
  • Build Your Own Unique Robot: Powered by AI and Robotics, ClicBot is a remote control robot that’s tons of fun and easy to build. Its modular design encourages creativity with 1 button, 1 charging port, and 1 type of buckle for all connections. Want to build your favorite Marvel or Disney character? Just click to connect, and let your imagination soar.
  • Almost Human & Delightfully Engaging: This programmable robot toy comes with fun personalities. ClicBot can nuzzle up to you, look for you, and get all excited! You can make this little robot happy, sad, dance, slither like a snake, and more. With endless options for creativity, mischief, and fun, ClicBot is sure to be a great addition to your family.
  • Explore STEM The Fun Way: Super cute and super fun, ClicBot STEM robot is perfect for anyone interested in robotics and code. Select movement directions to get ClicBot to move or design your robot on the ClicBot App through an easy drag-and-drop coding interface based on Blockly by Google. You can even input your own code to build your own robot that can do virtually anything!
  • Join A Vibrant Global Community: Looking for ideas or want to share your creation? The ClicBot platform is a hotbed of creative ideas. Meet crazy robots from 82+ countries, learn how to build them yourself, brainstorm programming ideas, and get access to free weekly video courses, all from the comfort of your home!
  • Designed for Unlimited Creativity & Fun: Endorsed by Forbes, this coding robot is a wonderful gift for friends and family members interested in coding and robotics. With regular software upgrades and new features added all the time, this powerful little robot will always be refreshingly inspirational and fun.

Firia Labs CodeBot

Firia Labs CodeBot: Python Programmable Robot Kit.
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02/18/2024 06:21 pm GMT

CodeBot is the first educational robot purpose-built for learning Python programming. This ‘bot puts the focus on coding, with plenty of built-in sensors and programmable controls for endless projects and learning opportunities.

Designed as a CS elective course for grades 8-12 and beyond, this curriculum module covers the fundamentals of Python programming as students apply each new coding skill and concept to engaging projects with CodeBot. No prior coding experience is required!

Source: YouTube
  • Fast, easy Python coding experience.
  • Step-by-step guided lessons in the CodeSpace web platform.
  • Chromebook compatible.
  • Powerful CPU with 1M of FLASH.
  • Proximity sensors for navigation.
  • Surface sensors for line following.
  • 3-axis Accelerometer.
  • Advanced PWM motor control.
  • Wheel Encoders for precise speed and rotation angle control.
  • Speaker for programmable alerts, music, and voice.
  • LEDs for status display of all systems.


As you can see these kits are not just for teens but for adults as well. I hope you enjoy building with these robotic kits!