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Samsung Bot Chef



With Samsung Bot Chef, artificial intelligence (AI) fueled robotics identifies and understands behaviors to become a better robotic assistant and companion, managing whatever is thrown its way.

Historically, the concept of ‘Robot’ has been the same: to help people with routine work, mainly in industrial settings.

With the rapid development of AI, robotics, and cloud computing, the concept of robot has been revolutionized and redefined, enabling a new intelligent robot market not just for industrial purposes, but for a variety of personal and professional purposes as well.

Samsung Research aims to secure cutting-edge hardware and software technologies for robotics, delivering rich AI experiences to customers.

Source: YouTube | Video Copyright EndGadget

It is clear that Samsung is taking the race to introduce robots into your future smart home seriously with Samsung Bot Chef at CES 2020. Bot Chef rummages through cabinets, pour ingredients into a pan, and mix them up to create multiple recipes, using AI and robotics.

Chefs will be able to use the robot by speaking commands to it. It downloads the necessary skills when you give it a task, such as cutting, dicing, and stirring dinner in a skillet.

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What are the results? The taste is futuristic.