Best Text Annotation Datasets and Tools for Computer Vision to Watch Out For In 2022

Text, audio, pictures, and video are just a few media kinds available on the digital platform. Text is a popular mode of communication for both personal and professional objectives. Organizations have amassed large amounts of text data in an unstructured manner. How can we make the most of this text?

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Adding information or metadata to characterize the features of phrases, such as semantics or feelings, is known as text annotation computer vision. It aids the machine’s ability to discern or recognize words in a phrase, making it more intelligent. This text annotation computer vision can be used as a training dataset for AI and machine learning algorithms.

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An accurate text annotation dataset or training dataset allows the AI model to learn and better comprehend human language more reliably. Providing a comprehensive collection of training data to machine learning algorithms at an early stage can aid in the development of self-predicting AI. AI and ML developers often choose human annotators to highlight texts for varied dialects, feelings, meaning, and use to maintain and increase accuracy.

Evaluation of Text and Speech Systems (Text, Speech and Language Technology, 38)
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The AI model can classify the keywords, phrases, or sentences once it has learned the intricacies of human language. Text annotation’s primary purpose is to help the engine understand human speech, thanks to text annotation dataset.

Best Text Annotation Datasets and Tools


Brat is a web-based collaborative text annotation tool that may be deployed on a (potentially local) server and accessed via a browser.

It turns out that annotating substantially larger text spans (i.e., paragraphs) is cumbersome.

Text files must be used as input documents. The text file’s user interface (UI) display in Brat is not always accurate to its original formatting. Brat isn’t the best tool for annotating structured documents; you’d be better off simply marking PDFs.

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Doccano is another text-only annotation tool. It’s less complicated to utilize than Brat.

It’s server-based and features a web UI, the same as Brat.

In comparison to Brat, the primary distinctions are that.

The online user interface is used for all settings, and the use cases are confined to document categorization, sequence labeling, and sequence-to-sequence.

This means that doccano is more beginner-friendly (and possibly more user-friendly) than Brat, but unlike Brat, relationships and traits cannot be defined. Only labels on the document or span level are available depending on the use case.

The project type determines the annotation export format, which can be either CSV or JSON.

Doccano allows for many users. However, there are no other collaborative labeling options.


INCEpTION is a follow-up project to WebAnno, which achieved the highest overall rating in the previous evaluation.

It, like the preceding two programs, has a browser-based user interface. It may be set up on a server for a group of users or as a standalone application.

INCEpTION is a far more powerful weapon than doccano or Brat:

It can handle both text files and PDFs that contain text information (e.g., because they were created from text files or by OCR software), has a large “Settings” section that lets you configure almost anything you want, has the functionality to facilitate collaborative labeling and statistically evaluate annotations, and can export annotations in a variety of standard NLP labeling formats.

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Conclusion: Best Text Annotation Datasets

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