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AI powered song writer

AI powered song writer

Introduction: AI powered song writer

Why do we need a AI powered song writer? It is surprising how hard it can be to write the very first note of a song. New artists might not know where to begin when it comes to writing music. Finding inspiration can, in fact, prove to be a challenge, even for more seasoned content creators. On the other hand, sometimes it can be overwhelming to narrow down one of a million ideas.

AI Generated Music from Audio Wave Data

The BandLab team introduces SongStarter, a musical idea generator powered by artificial intelligence within the BandLab platform, to those who are eager to get started but need a little help getting started.

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SongStarter is a music-creation tool built on TensorFlow and built in collaboration with Google. It generates beats, melodies, and chord progressions based on user input. You can use the patterns that are generated by the program to rap, write songs, sketch melodies, or just play around with friends. In fact, the patterns that are generated by the program are free for users to keep, so you can use them for any purpose. SongStarter is now available through desktop browsers and the BandLab app for mobile devices.

AI Generated Digital Painting from Start to Finish

BandLab users can begin using the service by clicking the dice icon in SongStarter. The lyrics and emojis can be entered up to 50 characters for more customized results. You do not need to input anything at the beginning. SongStarter will generate three new musical ideas within a few seconds, each completely different from the last.

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Using the day, dusk, and night icons, users can try out different moods by clicking each idea. With this feature, users can find different takes on the same musical composition in different instrumentals, keys, and beats-per-minute, allowing them to pick the style that suits them the best. In the end, users can open up the chosen idea in the Mix Editor feature of the BandLab platform and tweak it even further, or repeat the same phrase. Or, they can keep rolling the SongStarter dice until they get the results they want.

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As part of its foray into AI-powered tools, BandLab launches SongStarter to help creators advance in their music-making pursuits. In addition, SongStarter is free and easy to use, aligning with BandLab’s mission to break barriers to music creation. Once users have the foundation of a song, they can then customize and share their work with the ever-growing BandLab community, which features 40 million users – from first-time creators to GRAMMY-winning producers.