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Top 15 newest robot applications 2022

Why it matters: Top 15 newest robot applications. You will learn about the latest developments in robotics and get to know high-tech and incredible robots. All types of robots from humanoid to robotic grippers to microscopic robots will be featured today. Watch the video to the end and write in the comments which robot did you like best?


Fastest Unloading Robot.

Why it matters: Created by Pickle Robots, ‘Dill’, is a one-armed box-unloading robot capable of unloading up to 1600 boxes per hour. The design is based around a KUKA robotic arm and while shown to operate autonomously, ‘Dill’ is intended to function under human supervision.

Artificial intelligence and Image editing.

Artificial intelligence and image editing.

Why it matters: Artificial intelligence and image editing has come a long way! GANPaint Studio tool takes a natural image of a specific category, e.g. churches or kitchen, and allows modifications with brushes that do not just draw simple strokes, but actually draw semantically meaningful units – such as trees, brick-texture, or domes. This is a joined project by researchers from MIT CSAIL, IBM Research, and the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab.