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Beastro ™  by kitchen robotics is the worlds most advanced Robotic Dark Kitchen solution. The solution is suitable for diversified types of clients and cuisines and simplifies not only the design and preparation of enormous amount of dishes but also maintains dish consistency, sanitary standards and personal customized touch.

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  • Reduce Labor cost by more than 50%
  • Dishes can be easily programmed and updated
  • Integrated with all major DSPs and matches your Delivery-Takeaway market strategy
  • Dish Analytics, Optimization, Personalization and Customization, Supply Management, Employee Management


Beastro ™ is managed, controlled and monitored by Cuismo ™, a sophisticated and highly advanced Dark Kitchen cloud-based operating system.

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Ghost Kitchen Ready

Easily manage your incoming orders from multiple sources. The only solution that helps you manage multiple brands from a single kitchen.

Predictive analysis and Deep Learning

As your system gains data, deep learning techniques will predict your daily orders and supply usage enabling to reduce your costs and optimize resources.

Easily build your restaurant website

Create a fully working restaurant website with a single click FREE!. Easily Sync your online menu with all your DSP partners.

Loyalty and Rewards system

Manage your returning users with an easy to use reward and loyalty system. Gain full visibility on your customers.

Migrate to Robotic Kitchen

Easy migration to Kitchen Robotic’s Automated kitchen with affordable pricing.

Menu and Recipe Management

Gain a holistic view of your supply chain by connecting your supplier, supply, ingredients, menus and orders all together.

More information about Beastro by Kitchen Robotics can be found here.