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Coffee X

Introduction: Coffee X 

You can get your morning caffeine fix from a robot, at least for now. Coffee X Technologies is a new, automated barista designed by the award-winning team behind Dr. Dre’s Beats headphones and speakers: the Ammunition Group. Coffee beans can be roasted by Intelligentsia, Ritual and Equator (and others) at specs that satisfy finicky roasters (and project partners).

Essentially, the robo unit is a fully functional café with a six-axis animatronic arm. Customers place their drink orders on a kiosk touchscreen or via the Cafe X app, and receive a text message when the drink is ready, after around a minute. In a typical coffeehouse, you have a wide variety of beverage options: latte, espresso, matcha latte, cortado and so on, as well as frothy milk, including organic Swedish oat milk. A true coffee bar experience is evoked even from the robot gestures. Each time the machine presents a cup to a customer, it makes a sweeping “ta-da!” gesture.

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Cafe X launched last year at AMC Metreon and 578 Market Street in San Francisco, and a second-generation model debuted this past February in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district at One Bush Plaza. A human refills coffee beans and milk and cleans the unit at least once a day, and a product specialist is available on site to educate customers and offer tastings. The bot typically fulfills between 300 and 400 orders a day. Prices are kept low, since there’s little overhead. A basic cup of Americano coffee is $3, and there’s no need to tip.

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