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The rise of AI in Canada

The rise of AI in Canada

Introduction: The rise of AI in Canada.

The rise of AI in Canada, manufacturers are shifting toward what is known as advanced manufacturing: companies bringing cutting-edge technology to the shop floor, including advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, big data, internet-of-things-enabled factories, and additive manufacturing (i.e., 3-D printing). 

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Innovate UK, the British government’s in-house innovation agency, and MaRS are partnering to offer a four-month virtual residency to eight British companies in advanced manufacturing. To make Canada the preferred North American foothold for the UK’s leading advanced-manufacturing firms, helping them become familiar with local laws, regulations, major market players, and potential partnerships. This will lead to the rise of AI in Canada. 

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In this respect, Canada’s overall ambitions for advanced manufacturing align well with its aim to grow manufacturing sales to $1 trillion by 2030, as well as to build out Canada’s talent pool and foreign connections.

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The transatlantic relationship makes sense. In recent years, advanced manufacturing has grown in both countries. Almost half of all factory jobs created in Ontario since 2010 are in advanced manufacturing, contributing to a 16 per cent increase in factory output. 

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In the next ten years, the federal government projects that there will be at least 60,000 new advanced manufacturing jobs added to the Canadian economy.

Canadian advanced manufacturing faces challenges, however – in particular, a shortage of skilled labor, uneven adoption of new technologies by manufacturers, and generally slow foreign investment.

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Despite this, new technology is rapidly changing the nature of manufacturing in both countries, and Holden and others hope that in doing so, new opportunities for international trade and collaboration will be created.

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