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How Robots Are Taking Our Jobs!


Introduction: How Robots Are Taking Our Jobs!

How Robots Are Taking Our Jobs! Machines don’t need to eat or sleep, and are not prone to human error. Indeed, A.I. is quickly taking centre stage in all aspects of our lives, but what risks does A.I. pose to human jobs, safety, and, importantly, our very existence?

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A look at the ways in which artificial intelligence is currently being used to make life easier. State-of-the-art robots are introduced and their expanding role in modern life is discussed.

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Economists analyzed long-term trends around the uptake of automation in the workplace, noting that the number of robots in use worldwide increased threefold over the past two decades to 2.25 million.

While researchers predicted the rise of robots will bring about benefits in terms of productivity and economic growth, they also acknowledged the drawbacks that were expected to arise simultaneously.

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When it came to job losses, the most vulnerable states in the U.S. included Texas, Louisiana and Indiana, with Oregon named the most susceptible to the negative effects of automation. “Adopt a ‘lifetime learning’ mindset, there are no jobs for life.”

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