The internet of everything – Our relationship with the internet

Internet of everything.

Introduction: The internet of everything – Our relationship with the internet

The internet of everything – Our relationship with the internet is a very interesting documentary that explores our move towards surveillance state. Is humanity destined for a futuristic utopia? Or are we heading blindly towards life in a nightmarish surveillance state? Both scenarios still seem possible as increased digitalization is turning us into a fully networked society.

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The Internet is in the process of infiltrating all aspects of human life. “Reformed techno-utopian” and filmmaker Brett Gaylor ventures into the world of digital invention. Here, he meets people who have made significant contributions to the “Internet of Things.”

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One of them is Kristina Cahojova. She has developed a device that relays information about fertility from the private parts directly to the cloud. Journalist Nellie Bowles met a victim of domestic violence who was terrorized by her ex-boyfriend in their shared ‘smart’ apartment. Meanwhile, in China, citizens are rewarded for behaving in socially desirable ways.

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In Toronto, activist Bianca Wylie warns against the Sidewalk Labs project, which turns people into guinea pigs. The documentary poses fundamental questions about people — and their personal data.

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