Top 15 newest robot applications 2022

Top 15 newest robot applications 2022

Introduction: Top 15 Newest robot applications 2022

Top 15 Newest robot applications 2022. You will learn about the latest developments in robotics and get to know high-tech and incredible robots. All types of robots from humanoid to robotic grippers to microscopic robots will be featured today. Watch the video to the end and write in the comments which robot did you like best?

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From microrobots interacting with human cells to wearable skeletons which let you sustain enormous amount of weight. throughout the year we reported on a number of technological inventions which affected any field of our life; we have seen how an AI-powered android is trying to cope with japan’s labor shortage, or how an underwater autonomous vehicle is facilitating deepsea mining.

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As we get deeper into the 21st century, it’s impossible to talk about technology without mentioning robots for the smart home. And why would we when those robots can help make our homes cleaner, healthier and better for our families? Virtual reality is in our living rooms, health trackers are in our bedrooms, voice assistants are … everywhere.

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Time Codes: Top 15 Newest robot applications 2022

  • 0:00 In this video.
  • 0:20 Smart robots from Samsung
  • 1:18 Robotic kitchen
  • 2:06 Toyota’s everyday robot
  • 2:50 Robot system with 2 hands
  • 3:13 Digit humanoid delivery robot
  • 3:53 Robot dog
  • 4:31 Chinese copy of robot Spot
  • 5:07 New robots from Boston Dynamics
  • 5:24 Tiger X-1 from Hyundai
  • 5:56 Martian drone
  • 7:10 Robot for destroying weeds
  • 7:33 Robot for apple picking
  • 8:10 Construction robots
  • 9:08 Microscopic robots