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Love, AI and Robots – Love stories from the future.

Love stories from the future.

Introduction: Love stories from the future.

Love stories from the future, let’s explore the possibilities of humanoids and love.

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Humanoid robots are the new ‘living beings’ on our planet. They already work at reception desks, in shopping malls or restaurant kitchens. And they are already conducting relationships with humans.

First Robotic Surgery

“With an A.I., you have to keep your sentences concise and to the point,” says robot developer Matt to his customer Chuck. Chuck’s come to collect his new robot partner Harmony at the factory, before the two set off on a road trip through the USA. Harmony likes books and can quote Ray Kurzweil at the drop of a hat.

Agricultural Robots.

On the other side of the world in Tokyo, Grandma Sakurai’s son gives her a cute robot named Pepper. “So that I don’t go senile,” says the old lady, self-deprecatingly. But Pepper turns out to be a rascal who’s not very interested in grandma’s topics of conversation. He’d rather flirt with her daughter-in-law.

Amazon is using AI in almost everything it does.

Love stories from the future.

While Chuck and Harmony search for love, and Pepper and Grandma kill time, the questions just won’t go away: How will we live with artificial intelligence in the future? What will we gain, what will we lose? And who are the true protagonists in this brave new world?

AI enabled smart kitchens

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