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AI Clones Humans

AI Clones Humans

Introduction: AI Clones Humans

AI clones humans basically is AI trying to clone human beings. These semi cloned humans by AI are called humanoids.

How is AI used for cloning humans?  

When you want to create clones of human beings there are multiple AI technologies here at play. Looking closer at this helps us understand why these technologies are critical in creating clones of human beings – Lets understand how.


Robotics helps with the cloning process by helping us build a humanoid or a robot that can mimic human like activities driven by an AI replicated human brain. This AI replicated human brain can help the robot respond based on the signals it sends to various parts of the robot. For example – How our brain shares information with our nervous system, or our hands or legs to get a task completed.

An AI Human Brain 

AiHBrain is a model that can be used to simulate or to get close to how human brains work or how they function in general. This architecture will have the following key components: a problem formalization component, a critic component, a historical database, a planning component, a parallel execution component, and a scheduling component. As a result, DCNN (Deep Cognitive Neural Network) can be used as a tool to enable general artificial intelligence. While we are still a long way away from enabling general AI in this fashion, we are making progress towards this goal.

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Source: YouTube | Spark

In addition to Nadine, Sophia and other social robots, there are others. These robots are all humanoids. Humanoid robots have a body that resembles that of a human. An android robot is one that resembles humans aesthetically.

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Humanoid robots are programmed with specific functions and tasks. Although they have so many similarities to humans, they are not exact replicas of humans. If you are looking for different human-like robots, you can check out Hanson Robotics.

Here is a video of how you can clone a human.

Source: YouTube

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