The Age of Artificial Intelligence

The Age of Artificial Intelligence

Introduction: The Age of Artificial Intelligence.

The Age of Artificial Intelligence: Steven S. Gouveia is the host of an international documentary with the participation of international experts on Artificial Intelligence where he interviews prominent academic researchers from all over the world to discuss topics such as autonomous weapons, sex robots, autonomous cars, the problems of transparency and social media, the ethics of big data, the role of governments and democracy regarding technological development, artificial creativity, emulation of the human brain, machine consciousness, technological immortality, technological unemployment and universal basic income, and a lot more.

AI disrupting trucking industry

Source: YouTube

Robotic Surgery

The list of researchers that are part of the documentary is the following:

– Peter Singer (Princeton, USA / Melbourne, Australia);
– Paul Thagard (Waterloo University, Canada);
– Shoji Nagataki (Chukyo University, Japan);
– Hajo Greif (Technical University of Munich, Germany);
– David Harris Smith (McMaster University, Canada);
– Pii Telaviki (University of Helsinki, Finland);
– Sabina Leonelli (University of Exter, England);
– Francesca Minerva (Warwick University, England);
– Fabio Fossa (University of Turin, Italy)
– Wulf Loh (University of Tübingen, Germany)
– Shawn Kaplan (Adelphi University, USA)
– Radu Uszkai (Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania)
– Joshua Jowitt (Newcastle University, England).

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