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Spyce – The infinite robotic kitchen

Spyce - The infinite robotic kitchen

Image copyright – Spyce-Restaurant-Boston

Introduction: Spyce – The infinite robotic kitchen

In both commercial and domestic kitchens, a number of technology firms are developing robots that can prepare entire meals. A prime example is the Boston-based Spyce, robotic infinite kitchen. This kitchen can constantly prepare fresh food at set temperatures and recipes. This robotic technology is revolutionizing the food tech industry. It can cook a lot of cuisines from a diverse range of recipes.

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Carbon Steel Plancha

Spyce cooks proteins and vegetables at a temperature of 450°F  in a double-sided seasoned carbon steel plancha to produce the optimum Maillard reaction – to create an amazing sear on the ingredient’s entire surface, developing a deeper, more flavorful crust, caramelizing juices and natural sugars.

Superheated Steamer

Spyce steams pasta, noodles and grains at 300°F steam, about 100°F hotter than normal steam. This bounds the natural moisture in the ingredient without expelling its water, producing perfectly al-dente pasta and noodles, and fluffier, more delicious grains.

Measurement, Precision, Timing

Spyce – The infinite robotic kitchen system delivers ultra-precise measurements of every dressing and sauce according to your personal taste. So vegetables and toppings are cooked and portioned consistently, and the process is thoughtfully designed to bring ingredients in at the perfect second for delicately layered bursts of flavor.

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