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Image of Generated Audio Wave

AI Generated Music from Audio Wave Data

Why it matters: Computers are essential for modern music creation. Whether it is audio mixing, music composition, or digital sound synthesis, computer software and algorithms are extremely important. Now days, music is even being created on mobile phones as well as other electronic devices. For my project, I developed a computer AI for music generation based on the analysis of audio waves.

Artificial intelligence and Image editing.

Artificial intelligence and image editing.

Why it matters: Artificial intelligence and image editing has come a long way! GANPaint Studio tool takes a natural image of a specific category, e.g. churches or kitchen, and allows modifications with brushes that do not just draw simple strokes, but actually draw semantically meaningful units – such as trees, brick-texture, or domes. This is a joined project by researchers from MIT CSAIL, IBM Research, and the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab.

Artificial intelligence and online dictionary

AI Search Prediction for Online Dictionaries

Why it matters: Online Dictionaries are some of the most popular websites on the internet because they solve a significant problem. In particular, when a person encounters a word that they do not know, an online dictionary allows them to quickly look up the meaning of the word. However, sometimes the first search does not return a sufficient result. That is why I designed an AI to predict your next search.